Kirigami Patterns

20140514_125726Kirigami is the art of skillfully folding and cutting paper with the use of a pattern. The Kirigami pattern ensures symmetry and balance so as to produce an artwork that is precise and well designed. These patterns serve as templates in order to achieve a certain design. It is also used to make identical results and for efficiency. Most patterns would require creasing, folding and cutting.

A crease is a small wrinkle or line made on the paper usually used as a guide for marking midpoints for symmetry before making bigger folds. A crease should be as light and small as possible so as not to make a permanent mark or dent on the paper once the bigger folds are opened. A fold is a permanent and heavy line made on the paper to make divisions and partitions. Once all creases and folds are made, the paper will be cut with good sheers to make more elaborate and intricate details. In some cases, such as pop up cards and 3 dimensional models, the cutting is done before creasing and folding.

This art form, which originated from Japan, used to be exclusive for the wealthy and the products were made to be offered to gods in temples. These days with the comforts of technology, anyone can easily print out Kirigami patterns and make artworks for a lot of practical reasons such as greeting cards and gift wrappers.Kirigami is a lot similar to the famous art form called Origami. They both involve the use of a pattern in making folds on paper in order to achieve a desired outcome. The difference is that in Origami, cutting and gluing is not allowed. Kirigami on the other hand entails the use of scissors and sometimes certain adhesives so as to accentuate detail and features. This difference makes Kirigami a more flexible and dynamic art form. It allows individuality and alterations as long as the basic patterns are followed.

Books with great Kirigami Patterns

Aitoh Kirigami Paper Kit

This book is a great introduction to Krigami. It holds a complete set of instructional materials: a 20 page step by step manual and 200 pages of colorful and sheets of paper. Most of the patterns are for paper snow flakes and the rest are for other 3 dimensional art pieces. So what are you waiting for? Get your first Kirigami set, grab a pair if scissors and Kirigami away!


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Kirigami Fold & Cut-a-day 2014 Day-to-Day Calendar

A calendar of 320 pages that includes a day to day cut-out guide for Kirigami designs. The designer Jeff Cole started making this book in 2004 and now has a fresh one for 2014. This book is a fun way to start the habit of doing Kirigami. Create an art work with the use of a different Kirigami pattern everyday. Explore the diversity of Kirigami while expanding your knowledge about the art and  develop your skill at the same time.

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Snowflakes for all Seasons: 72 Fold & Cut Paper Snowflakes

Who said snowflakes are just for the winter season? Cindy Higham’s compilation of marvelous ways on how to take snowflake making to the nest level proves otherwise. With this book you can make snowflakes for different occasions such as Valentine’s day, Haloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays, weddings and a lot more. You will learn that snowflakes are really good as hanging ornaments but with the designs taught in this book, you can use snowflakes for gift wrappers, greeting cards, place cards and so on. This book will surely make you look at paper snowflakes a different way.

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 Kirigami: The Art Of 3-Dimensional Paper Cutting

This book takes you to the other side Kirigami. Apart from making paper snowflakes and flowers that are flat and one dimensional. You can also make Kirigami that has angles, levels and body. 3 dimensional paper cutting use the same principles of creasing folding and cutting but they give totally different results. This book will show you a step by step guide on how to make 3 dimensional trees, animals and structures which you can use for display or promotional purposes and greeting cards.

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Kirigami Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap

A wellknown artist Florence Temko put together wonderful ways on how to use Kirigami in making greeting arts and gift wrappers.

The book holds ideas on how to make memorable artworks for every occasion. It will appeal to different age groups as the projects are very interesting and has different levels of complexity. Some projects are easy for kids to make and some have very intricate details that those who want to develop their Kirigami skills would surely love.

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Here are some free Kirigami Patterns for you




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